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Novacolor website is online with a renewed graphic layout and lots of new features, that improves the virtual experience making it more captivating for the users. Two new languages: French and Chinese for a Homepage completely renovated in terms of graphic and content.

The style is simple and elegant, designed to immediately attract the attention on the concept of the year, launched during Milan Design Week 2018, “The Great Beauty: A New Romance in Colors”, which proposes a new romanticism in design, after years of strict minimalism both in volumes and in decoration. This new romanticism inspires Novacolor virtual environment, which is not only represented in the image of the company but also in its values. In the new projects’ section, the Company proposes not only its products, but new visions of restructuring and redefinition of the environments.

Elegance and balance of details characterize the new Homepage of the website, that opens with an elegant banner that brings the user into Novacolor world. Scrolling down the Homepage, the site immediately switches to a perfectly proportioned overview of Novacolor products, divided into different categories: Metallics, Minerals, Oxidation, Concrete, Mat, Water-based paints, Wall2Floor, Floory, Mat Floor, Siloxane Paints and coatings, Quartz paints and coatings, Complementaries. With a simple click on the section, another page opens with all the related products and a texture preview.

In the Homepage there is another new feature: a section full of articles dedicated to Novacolor news, press preview, exhibitions and partnerships with artists, architects and interior designers all around the world.

A section dedicated also to the Novacolor Ambassadors, that increase the brand awareness with their activities and create real pieces of art, providing the company with important products’ inputs.

Novacolor world is made of colors, art, innovation, events and a lot of digital tools. The activities around the world have intensified with new openings, international fairs, showrooms, partnerships and various activities in the foreign markets.

These activities are supported and conveyed by the social medias, linked to the website, that tells about the intense life of the company, about the colors and about innovation such as the project “Mass Balance Approach” with the eco-sustainable decorative paints “Africa”, “Patina Minerale” and “Puro_titanium and VOC Free”. These are produced with a special binder provided by the chemical company BASF, to achieve high standard products that do not affect the environment.

The new website represents the history, values and structure of the worldwide known Company that keeps innovating itself by following trends and styles of the contemporary design and art.

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