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Marblestone – od 1400 Kč/m2, material a prace

Lime-based mineral finish with “stone” effect for interiors and exteriors

Marblestone is a lime-based finishing plaster coat, made of wellseasoned hydrated putty, fine marble powder and rheologic modifiers, which guarantees a perfect workability of the product. With its formulation, Marblestone permits to achieve a uniform and semi-polished finishing coat, similar to marble stone, creating soft and vibrant shades.
Marblestone is indicated for the decoration of valuable interior surfaces. Natural lime plasters represent Marblestone’s most suitable substrates, since the product reacts chemically with them, building up a unique “body” able to preserve the lime coating for a longer period of time. Being highly versatile, Marblestone can be used both to achieve semi-polished, uniform, antique-like surfaces, and to achieve modern effects still in respect of the tradition of lime-based finishing coats.Following the correct instructions for the surface preparation, Marblestone may also be applied on:
– lime and cement mortars;
– premixed rendering;
– pre-existing lime and gypsum plasters;
– moisture-permeable plasters;
– gypsum plasterboard.

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